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5 Most Fined NFL Players

The most fined NFL players are often identified as "dirty players;" sometimes the players are fined and suspended for breaking the rules of the game or for committing game violations.


While football is, by it's nature, an aggressive sports, some players stand out as "dirty players."

Getting flagged for personal fouls, overly aggressive plays, aggressive tackles, helmet-to-helmet hits, and other fouls lead to huge fines for football players, not to mention the stigmatization of being a violent player.  NFL players could well learn valuable lessons from the most fined NFL players about ethical and safe football play.  The top five most fined NFL players include Ndamukong Suh, Ryan Clark, Dunta Robinson, Brandon Meriwether, and Rodney Harrison.

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh plays for the NFL Detroit Lions as defensive tackle; the player has been fined at least three times to the tune of $42,500.00.  What’s more, the three times that Suh was fined were during the first 1.5 years during his football playing career with the NFL.  This player has been identified as an aggressive player, and even his teammates agree; in a poll appearing in “Sporting News,” Suh’s teammates have labeled him the NFL’s “dirtiest player.” To give you a sense of Suh’s aggressiveness, in a 2011 game when playing against the Green Bay Packers, Suh stomped and kicked a Packer’s lineman when he was getting up after having a scuffle with him. In 2011, Suh was flagged for committing nine personal fouls, all of which were committed during the first two years of his gaming career.  The latter figure makes him the player with the most fouls in a two year time frame out of all the players in the NFL.

Ryan Clark and Dunta Robinson

Ryan Clark is a player for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Clark was fined at least two times in 2011 during two consecutive games; when playing against the NFL Patriots and the NFL Ravens, Clark earned fines equaling $55000.00 in all.  When playing a game against the New England Patriots, Clark hit Rob Gronkowski, the Patriot’s tight end when the player was in the out of bounds area; this earned Clark a $15000.00 fine.  In the next game, Clark hit Ed Dickson, a tight end player for the Ravens, and he used the crown of his helmet to do so; this led to the additional $40,000.00 in fines.  Dunta Robison from the Atlanta Falcons is also one of the top fined NFL players having been fined $90,000.00 for his aggressive helmet-to-helmet violence in 2010 and 2011.

Brandon Meriweather and Rodney Harrison

Brandon Meriweather has also been called a dirty player;  in 2011 it was noted that this free player for the Washington Redskins earned three NFLO fines over a two year period costing him as much as $85,000.00.  His fines were the result of numerous illegal hits, helmet hits, and unnecessary roughness.  Alternatively, Rodney Harrison, now retired from the New England Patriots, was voted the dirtiest player by his teammates in a Sports Illustrated poll in 2004.  He received the same honor two years later as well as in 2008 in an ESPN anonymous poll.  Harrison started his football career in 1994 and by 2002 he had received well over $200,000.00 in NFL fines.